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New Year, Same Filthy Millennial

We are 5 days into 2021 and there has been no significant change in the world whatsoever! WOW! The UK is in another lockdown; the USA, I think forgot COVID 19 still exists and COVID 19's evil stepmother has shown up in Colorado and I believe now California.

I'm here, in my 245 sq ft studio apartment in Chicago, IL just typing things. My cat, Trigger is chewing and biting me for attention because he knows that he is the alpha in our relationship. It's quiet today, gloomy and a little chilly. I live across the street from a health center and I haven't heard any ambulances which is a good thing, I think?

For 2021, I made some resolutions for my overall betterment and I'd like to share them with you. Maybe you'll be inspired by one, if not a couple. Feel free to use them for your new year. If you chose to not make any resolutions, you do you booboo.

(Ope, there is an ambulance now, 7:49am)

Okay, so here is my list.

  1. Be kinder to myself

  2. Show up for friends & family while still setting boundaries

  3. Be vulnerable (Therapist Brett said that's a big one)

  4. Submit more to agencies/auditions

  5. Finish writing "Filthy Millennial" or at least do a rewrite 3 more times

  6. Lose weight w/out guilt of not losing weight

  7. 12 books in 12 months

  8. Create a sketch right away instead of writing a note

  9. Start a podcast and or write a blog (well would you look at that)

  10. Write something/anything everyday

I feel like it's a pretty solid list for myself. Some people will probably mention something about "losing weight" and all I can say is that I have my interpretation of how it reads to me and that's all that matters. Thank you for your opinion but I've got this, thanks.

When I first made my list of things to improve upon in the new year, I definitely had something about "putting myself out in the dating world more." I was planning to purchase a subscription for 2021. Then I got sick of dating overnight and purchased a HelloFresh subscription instead. Just felt right.

So here is to the new year where nothing changes except maybe my mental health and expanding my cooking capabilities! Cheers!

Top pic: New Year's Eve, lookin good and feelin' fine

Bottom pic: New Year's Day, threw up twice that morning from being super hungover but still lookin good and feelin' feline.


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